The 10 best visitors moments in Xplor

Xplorers of the month

Adventure in Riviera Maya


We all need a bit of adrenaline in our lives. On your next vacation, make sure to book some adventure activities that make you lose the straight position and take some amazing photo! This month our visitors surprised us on Instagram with incredible moments and scenes of their vacation in the Riviera Maya.

It was very hard to select only ten, but in the end we made it. Here we present the ten best pictures of our Xplorers in October:


10.- A smile + a zip line + a beautiful sunset = a picture perfect holiday.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by nolacatalina via Instagram


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9.- Rowing in ancient caves, these really are adventurous holidays.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by MRJMOLINA20GOPRO via Instagram


8.- Driving with style in the middle of the jungle, only in Xplor Riviera Maya.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by puighugod via Instagram


7.- Make the “I’m having fun like never before in the zip lines of Xplor” face.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by soymariosaavedra via Instagram


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6.- And the “we are ready to take the roads of Xplor with style in our fierce amphibious” face.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by marlyfigueredo_oficial via Instagram


5.- You and me, flying on the zip line, I don’t know, think about it.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by angelous_1 via Instagram


4.- Do you think the people in the car know they are in the photo?

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by betoyuka via Instagram


3.- This is the proof that you can do well in the photo while flying on the zip line.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by sabrigaspar_ via Instagram


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2.- Family portrait version cave adventurers.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by sebas.oficial via Instagram


1.- Sleeping in bed is for the weak, real adventurers sleep on the water.

xplor-riviera maya

Photo by marcat10 via Instagram


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