Adventure activities for a trip to Cancun and Riviera Maya

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Quintana Roo is a perfect destination for the adventure travelers in seek for exciting activities to do. Its nature and beautiful beaches have something for all kinds of adventurers. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to stay at Cancun or Riviera Maya, this journey is about to collect more tasks for this adventure list.

Whether this your first time here or you’re looking for new activities to release your adventurous heart, with this list you will know what to do and where to go. Let’s start!

One of the first activities to do when you arrive in Cancun is to jump into the sea to explore the reefs of the Mexican Caribbean. Do it at Xcaret Park with the Snuba Reef optional activity.

Suddenly I
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The specialty of the house. Discover the most amazing views of Riviera Maya flying in the highest ziplines. Only at Xplor you can go through waterfalls and experience a fun water landing.

¿Estás listo para divertirte en Adrenalina? | Are you ready to have fun with "Adrenaline"? #xelhá #hiddenwonder #fun
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Do you need more speed? Ok, more speed will be. Also, add a couple of 180° turns in the middle of the sea on board of a speedboat called Adrenalina at Xel-Há Park.

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We are pretty close to the beach, and the heat will be rough. What’s better than splashing into a waterslide? However, Xenses Park waterslide is like no other. Fast, fun and with a spectacular ending.

The hidden wonder - Cenote Ha
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These kayaks are more relaxing than an adrenaline activity. But they made it into this list because being in touch with such nature is a whole adventure. Xenotes Tour invites you to discover the beauty of cenotes.

Life is a collection of moments. 🇲🇽 #mexico #xcaret #brasilerapelomundo #eupossovoar #triplouca #inlove #instaviagem
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If you’re afraid of the heights, the next will be a real challenge for you. Dare to go up in the sky to admire the Mexican Caribbean with the Paraxute at Xcaret. A guided parachute will show you all the kinds of blue of the ocean.

Xplor- . . .

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We are back at Xplor, helmet, and lifejacket on please. Swimming an underground river is the next adventure. A thrilling tour through stalactites and stalagmites caves from millions of years ago.

If you want to know more about the adventure activities you can do at Xplor read this.

El cielo está más cerca de lo que imaginas. | Heaven is a lot closer than you think! ☁🌴🌊🌞#HiddenWonder #XelHá #Paradise
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If Xenses waterslide attracts your attention wait until you discover this one. The Lighthouse at Xel-Ha has 4 spiral water slides at 98 feet high.

Bajando a las profundidades del Cenote Lu
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Caves, cenotes, and jungle are distinctive of this destination. Explore the wilderness of the jungle to find stunning cenotes. Rappel down a cave to discover the blue waters of this mystical place.

You can also find nighttime adventure activities at Riviera Maya. Take your place behind the wheel, turn on your lights and drive an amphibious vehicle at Xplor Fuego. Adrenaline, fire, caves and hanging bridges.

History and culture combine with adventure. As part of the Xichen Clasico tour, you will visit Ik Kil, one of the most amazing cenotes of the Peninsula. Jump from a 13 feets cliff if you want to do it like a real adventurer.


Adventures are everywhere and for all kind of travelers. From the heights of a parachute or the ziplines to the depths of the undergrounds rivers and cenotes. But the best is yet to come! Be prepared because in Winter 2018 there will be a big surprise with many intrepid adventures.


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