11 bloggers in the Riviera Maya

  Marriott + GoPro


Eleven talented bloggers from all around the continent got together for one mission: Win the #CancunChallenge. They had to show their swiming, driving, and jumping in high cliffs skills. Meet the participants:



Photo by: Bullysteria


Hector Trejo from Mexico: @bullysteria 

Manoela Gavassi from Brasil: @manugavassi

Paula Galindo from Colombia: @Paugalindo 

Maurício Oliveira from Brasil: @aventureiros

Kiersten Rich from United States: @theblondeabroad

David Ochoa from Mexico: @BytePodcast

Natalia Cardoso from Brasil: @nahcardoso 

Mafer Santana from Mexico: @unatalmafer 

Mariana Sampaio from Brasil: @marianasampaioo

Katy Esquivel from Peru: @KatyTheChic 

Ko Im from United States: @koimtv


The first challenge was making the best time in Xcaret’s underground rivers while collecting flags on the way, the winner was: Hector Trejo.



Photo by: Manugavassi|Nahcardoso


Then, the bloggers visited Xplor, where they had to drive the amphibious vehicles in the middle of the jungle and collect totems on the way, the winner of this challenge was: Mauricio Oliveira, and boy he was on fire! Cause he won the draft challenge too with Mafer Santana.




Then, for the last challenge, they went to Xel-Há, where they did: The Salpichanga (Zip-lines) and the Cliff of courage, a jump from 5 meters high to make a big splash in the water. The winner of this challenge was Hector Trejo! And for winning bonus points, Hector Trejo, Pau Galindo and David Ochoa decided to walk over the river between two loose cords in the Trepachanga!



Photo by: KatyTheChic|Aventureiros


And as you might already guess, the winner of the #CancunChallenge was Hector Trejo, better known as @Bullysteria. So in the last night, the bloggers celebrated Hector’s win in Xoximilco with a real mexican fiesta, drinking tequila and dancing with live Mariachi music.



Photo by: Bullysteria