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Traveling to Cancun or Riviera Maya?

5 reasons why Xplor is a must on your vacation

Mexican Caribbean is one of the coolest destinations for Spring Breakers from all around United States and Canada. During this season Cancun has become legendary for its nightlife and powdery sand beaches, as well as for its hotels, services and genuine attractions.

waterlanding xplor cancun

Just 45 minutes away from Cancun International Airport and 10 minutes away from Playa del Carmen in Riviera Maya, you will find Xplor, an Adventure Park far from the ordinary, where action happens beyond the surface while gliding on ziplines, driving amphibious vehicles through the mayan jungle and swimming through stalactite rivers inside a cavern. Sounds cool already?

On this blog we will share the 5 top reasons why you should visit Xplor during Spring Break, so pack some courage, some attitude and some nerve. These is the adventure you’ll be talking about once you get back home.

1: Daylight Action

Coming to Cancun is all about having fun under the sun, showing off your new swim suit, shades and t-shirt, getting a great tan and having memorable moments. Xplor is the perfect spot for that. Although nightlife is one of the key reasons you’ll visit this destination, during the day you need some extreme action and thats our speciality.

The Park offers 4 different activities, over-the-edge ziplines, amphibious vehicles (ATV), stalactite rivers and underground rafts. All of these are included with your entrance so you don’t have to worry about paying extra.

2: Soaking Fun

During the adventure you’ll also find two more minor attractions, but quite as fun as the others, a waterslide which will take you from one of the zip-line towers, all the way down to the underground caverns and a unique attraction where you’ll be able to slide sitting on a hammock and make a fun waterlanding, this one is great for those who don’t like heights.

On the rest of your expedition you will be swimming through underground rivers and splashing your way through subterranean caverns, so consider water as the main element of the attractions.

riviera maya activities

3: Healthy food and outdoors workout

We know vacations may be synonym of taking a rest of diets and training, but here at Xplor fitness just comes natural. Included on your entrance you have some delicious options to fulfill your cravings during the adventure. Fresh juices, nutritious smoothies, fruits and oatmeal cookies are served on two soda fountains called The Manantial and The Oasis which you’ll find on the paths of the jungle.

At mid-day The Troglodyte Restaurant (El Troglodita) opens to all the Xplorers offering a unique buffet with healthy and delicious options. Burguers, ceviche, guacamole, fajitas, shrimp cocktail and an amazing salad bar are just some of the dishes you’ll want to devour to replenish your energy and give those muscles some protein after rowing with you own arms, swimming through underground rivers and working out the abs while hanging on the ziplines.

4: Friends become tribes

Spring Break is all about quality time with your best buds, GF’s, BF’s, teammates or however you call your friends, and although you may consider yourselves a tight group, Xplor will turn you into a tribe. Put on your helmets, wander through the caverns, drive a 4 person amphibious vehicle and race from one tower to another over the jungle canopy. Plan your #XplorerYell before getting to the adventure and enjoy 9 hours of intense laughter and adrenaline. If you are a socialholic be sure to bring your waterproof gadgets to capture every piece of the action and post it online to show off your experience. If you want to interact with us we’ll be glad to see your pics and comment on them, look for us as @XplorPark on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’d like to be part of your tribe. Once an Xplorer, forever an Xplorer!

Amphibious vehicles and underground rivers cancun

5: Amazing pictures. Unparalleled sceneries.

Without pictures your adventure never happened. At Xplor Park we have it all covered, you just have to pose and smile. Our automatic cameras will capture your best moments during the attractions or just wandering about through the underground caverns where you will have te oportunity to marvel with the rock formations that have taken millions of years to create, this is without a doubt a place like anything you’ve ever seen . Be sure to have your eyes wide open to wave to the camera, or make any other signal you like. Thumbs up, rock n roll, peace and love, which one matches your style? These pictures can be purchased at the end of the day or online after your visit at Roca Foto.

Add your reasons to visit Xplor in the comment section.