What to eat in Xplor Fuego if you’re a vegetarian

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Vegetarian Buffet at Xplor Fuego

Being a vegetarian is not as hard as many people think, I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you know it as I do. But when traveling to other countries and visiting all inclusive parks or resorts, you may wonder if you’re going to find vegetarian options.

I personally wondered this before going to Xplor Fuego, I thought if it has a cavemen idea then they would have lots of meat at the buffet. Well, they do actually have a lot of meat, but to my surprise, they even have more vegetarian food!

I remember arriving a little bit hungry to the Park, but after flying on the Zip-lines and swimming in the Stalactite River, I was dying to eat. So before continuing my adventure on the ATV’s, I went to the buffet decided to eat it all! I’m even getting hungry again just by remembering all I ate.

The buffet has many options to enjoy, starting from naturally flavored water such as lemon-cucumber, hibiscus flower & ginger, melon, green tea…

I ate some fruit and after I found six different and delicious salads. Six! The “Antique,” made of pasta, the classic “Caesar,” the Mediterranean, the “Delicatessen” which has coconut and the “Troglodyte.” I couldn’t decide which one to try, so I took a little bit of everyone! But that’s not all, there’s a full ingredient bar so you can also make one with whatever you prefer.

To add some carbohydrates, there were baked potatoes, corn with mayo & chili (a very traditional Mexican snack), french fries, corn souffle, and Margarita pizza. For protein, I fell in love with the cheese fingers, a fresh cheese bar, nuts, and almonds.

I continued with the main course (I know, I’m a fatty) because there’s also a pasta bar, you can decide whether to eat fusilli, spaghetti, fettuccini or farfalle and add Alfredo or tomato sauce. It was delicious!

At last, I got to the best part, the dessert! Apple tarts, Chocolate Cupcakes, Fruit tarts, bananas with ice cream… and for toppings there’s m&m’s, sprinkles and grated coconut.

After eating to the point of exploding, I confirmed the rumors I heard about Xplor Fuego’s restaurant, “it’s one of the top all inclusive restaurants in Riviera Maya.” Totally true! Tell me, how was your experience?

Omar Ortúzar

Creative marketer, social media strategist, content creator and restless traveler.