The story behind Xplor’s women

Did you know that 26% of the Xplor staff are women?

Foolproof women 

We had the fortune of talking with Claudia, Alejandra and Nicte-Há, members of the amazing Xplor team who define strength, leadership and girl power. Discover their stories and get inspired by their incredible work.

Claudia is a zip-line guide, a position that requires her to be up 20 feet high in the zip line towers helping Xplorers fly across the Mayan jungle continuously. Her job requires a high level of concentration, perseverance and discipline as she has the enormous responsibility of looking out for the safety of our visitors.

“In the end it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, since we are all a team.”

Claudia studied Management and Tourism Development which has complimented her natural leadership talents aiding in difficult times when she has had to resolve unusual situations. This young girl of 22 loves her job because she says she feels contributes to the happiness of every Xplorer that visits the park. She feels happy to know that these Xplorers are taking home an unforgettable and unique experience.



Following the trail of these talented, strong women, we found Alejandra who works as river host. Alejandra has special training in confined and water rescue which aids her in taking care of visitors if an unexpected situation were to arise.

“It is a challenge to prove that women also have the agility and strength to perform any task”, she says.

At her 29 years, she says she has found in her job exactly what she was looking for: an active experience where she meets people from all over the world and has formed incredible friendships with her team.

Our trail into discovering these strong women leads us to Nicte-Há, who is the only woman in a team of 10 men. Nicte-Há is a maintenance technician in zip-lines and her job is to carefully inspect, maneuver and change wires, anchors and structures of the zip-line towers. Her job requires a great physical effort and a high level of concentration while using sophisticated tools and machinery. She is fully trained to work in great heights, vertical rescue, knots and cords, wires and even inspecting the handling vermin.

Nicte-Há has a degree in tourism and is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Senior Management. She says she loves her job and is grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn within the company. She lives under the motto:

“Love what you do, so you don’t have to work.”



All of them shared their dream of accomplishing professional growth and forming a family, dreams that they feel can be reached while working in Xplor.

The testimonies of these great women are just a taste of the talent and passion with which these super heroines work daily, whom besides loving their work, stand out in the workplace.

We are really proud to have such a wonderful group of women working in Xplor.

Maygheen Tortolero

She loves black and white photography, dancing and listening to all kinds of music.