5 (delicious) hamburgers you have to try

Most people want a perfect relationship


The only thing I want it’s a perfect hamburger

In Xplor we love adventure and adrenaline, but we also love food, that’s why this time we share with you 5 delicious hamburgers you have to try as soon as possible.

1.- Rib Burger

If you love meat you have to try the Rib Burger, this one has all the flavor of the barbecue sauce on but in a burger. Because of its flavor, it is perfect to be topped with Monterey Jack cheese and caramelized onions and served in buns from Acme Bread. One of the best places to try this burger is in The Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco.

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Photo: Yuplón

2.- Bison burger

If you are looking for an exotic but delicious flavor, you have to try the bison burger. One place where you can find it is at The Counter Burger in California. This restaurant has a concept that allows you to “design” your own burger. With choices of beef, chicken, turkey or bison in three different sizes. Over 60 choices of cheese, sauces, and vegetables plus six different bread options. What are you waiting for?


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Photo: The Counter

3.- Lentil burger

Do you prefer vegetables instead of meat? Then you have to try this delicious lentil burger. You can find it in vegan or vegetarian restaurants. This burger is an excellent choice to eat healthy without losing flavor. You have to try it!

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Photo: Hazte Vejetariano

4.- Portobello mushroom burger

Other different but delicious burger is the portobello mushroom burger, this one is an excellent option if you want to eat health. One tip that we can give you is if you want to give the mushrooms a meaty flavor, you have to marinate them with balsamic, soy sauce and Montreal steak seasoning. The burgers will taste so good, everybody will tank you!

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Photo: Contigo Salud

5.- Shrimp burger

Seafood lovers, you can not miss the typical hamburger made from shrimp, exquisite even for the most demanding palate. You can have it with french fries or onion rings, we are sure that once you try it, it will become one of your favorites.


hamburguesas deliciosas

Photo: El comensal

Which of these hamburgers would you like to try right now?

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